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Ekikara Maker
The application with which store's owner can make excellent navigation
From the station wicket to the entrance, "Ekikara" takes you to the shop.
The map application is floored……. This is a smartphone application that store owners can make excellent navigation for consumers having no sense of direction.
Free iOS Android
Digital Musical Score Application by recognizing your playing sound, which tells you the exact place where in the musical score you are playing, and automatically flips the page at a right moment.
Our application "Fairy" is the Digital Musical Score delivery service, designed for iPad. With purchase and download of musical scores, users can enjoy this innovative service featuring cute fairies, listening to your melody line and flipping a page at a right moment. This application surely makes your practice time for piano happier than ever!
The first Marathon Application in the world!
RunKing is the application that supports you to run a marathon route whenever you like. The audio navigation fitted with GPS will lead you through your earphones to run the entire course without loosing your way. The features to motivate the runners include; You can check the rank of your time among all the runners. As your time improves, the color of your saddlecloth upgrades!
Free iOS Android
Emi Motohashi's core training
Supervised by the top trainer Emi Motohashi! You can easily enjoy the core exercise at home!
This application enables users to do the core exercise easily at home. It is supervised by Emi Motohashi, a renowned trainer for top athletes, models, and celebrities. You can use this application on your smart phones, tablets, and PCs.
Free iOS Android
Enjoy sharing pictures of memory
Select, decorate, and share on SNS! Let's make attractive photo albums from the pictures you have taken!
This is the free photo album application to share the pictures of memory with your family and friends. You can connect your photos of travels, events, weddings, pets and kids and give them a storyline. This application allows you to easily make online albums like Keynote and PowerPoint, only by selecting several photos from those saved in your iPhone. You can flip the album page smoothly with one thumb.
Free iOS Android
Advanced AR application
With "Recommen!"application, you can easily express your "I like this!" on products Facebook page only by holding your smartphone over the product labels and pressing indicated button.
Stamp-rally platform for commercial facilities and promotional events
"Kashacon" is a totally new platform to link "real" stores or spots and smartphone users. It enables users to enjoy stamp-rally at commercial facilities and sightseeing spots. Its mechanism is powered by our original technique of "Kashacon" 3D digital model.


Service Creation & Client Work
We have the policy of "Inernal Development" by the project team of a capable few. This policy represents our capability to support the clients' business with low cost within a short term.
Magazine Pocket
You can read popular titles of "Weekly Shonen Magazine" for free!
"Magazine Pocket" is an application with which you can read series titles of "Weekly Shonen Magazine" for free. We, FunTap Co. Ltd., have designed and developed the application and the system. Magazine Pocket serves spin-off titles which you can read only on the application and offers lounge function with which you can communicate with readers of each title.
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