App/Web version “Canon Musical Score Viewer” makes timing arrangement possible for page turning

We announce to the users of App/Web version “Canon Musical Score Viewer” that you can now arrange the timing of turning the page. You can arrange it by setting “The number of measures” to turn the pages at your preferable timing when the pages are moved at the end or at the repeat sign. You can use this feature when your scores are displayed at “page mode” both App/Web version.

【How to change settings】
 1. Display your score on Canon Musical Score Viewer
 2. Click “Setting” button (on the right bottom of the screen) and select “Display setting”(For App version, select “Display mode” or “Turning pages”)
 3.  Confirm that you have checked “page”, and input your preferable number in “Timing of turning pages”
 (For example, if you input “1” here, the page will be turned 1 measure ahead of the page end)

We appreciate your continued support for Digital Musical Score Canon.