Web version “Canon Musical Score Viewer” makes instrument change possible for melody part

FunTap Co.,Ltd. (Headquarter in Shimogyo, Kyoto / CEO Daisuke Araki) released the new function “Transposed Instrument”  on Web version “Canon Musical Score Viewer” . With this new function, instrument that plays melody part can be changed into 13 kinds of instruments such as flute and violin, and also automatically transposed according to user’s settings.

The update this time enables users to change the melody-playing instrument displayed on the score on the browser with only one click of the button into 13 kinds of instruments including violin and trumpet. Transposed scores can be played with the sound of all the instruments.
This new function works for titles of “playing and singing on the piano” and “piano accompaniment”. After the purchase of the scores, users can use this function by clicking and operating on the displayed score on the browser.

On Digital Musical Score Canon official iOS application “Canon Musical Score Viewer”, this function is already available.

■About Digital Musical Score Canon
”Digital Musical Score Canon” is the online musical score delivery service which delivers and sells more than 7.000 titles including songs of popular artists and trendy titles from YouTube or other video services.  All the scores are created by professionals.
Users can not only download all the purchased scores in PDF format but also display them on “Canon Musical Score Viewer” on the browser or application of smartphone and tablet. “Canon Musical Score Viewer” enables users to transpose instantly on the screen. Users can also change the display size of scores and the width of measures and can change the display setting for finger numbers, lyrics and codes. It is very helpful for players in providing various functions such as MIDI playing sound setting of “only right hand part” or “only accompanying part” while scrolling scores accordingly.

Name: “Digital Musical Score CANON” https://www.canon-score.com/
System requirements : Safari (The latest version), Google Chrome (The latest version), Microsoft Edge (The latest version)
Launch of the service : December 9th 2016

Digital Musical Score CANON: https://www.canon-score.com/
CANON Musical Score Viewer App Store: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1492242295