Thank you for using our services digital musical score “CANON” and musical score application “Fairy”.
I am Daisuke Araki from FunTap.

It is said that more and more people are socially isolated in our modern era where people are divided by the influence of social media.

I believe that “music” we have been providing through musical scores is very significant communication tool that humans have attained, and also believe that it has tremendous power to make people sympathize with and connect each other, however drastically the technology and society may develop and change.

This pandemic made me realize, even more stronger than ever, that music has such an amazing power to make all sorts of people unite in real settings. Performers, audience, advanced players, beginners… all sorts of music lovers.

Our business scheme looks very simple; digitalize musical scores and deliver them online, but we are very proud that our service has been consistently developed in-house since the project launch in 2012 including planning, development of musical score viewer, design, and service operation. We have always had each customer’s life in mind to make this service even better.

We occasionally had to endure hard times, but every time we receive comments from our customers showing us their appreciation, we feel so happy that we didn’t give up.

Our goal this year is to increase the number of CANON fan by gathering our “skills and wisdom”, our company’s core principle.
Please look forward to what you will find anything new in our services.

It might take some more time to meet all our customers’ satisfaction, but we are determined to keep striving hard as much as we can to develop and run our services to maximize the joy of all the music lovers.

Lastly, I feel so honored and grateful that our company is about to start our 15th business year.

I would like to show my utmost gratitude to customers, our staff, all songwriters and composers, my family and friends.

January 5, 2022
Daisuke Araki



Started to work for NTT


Left NTT Resonant and established Funtap Co., Ltd.



FunTap Co., Ltd.




Kyoto Research Park 4th floor, Building #6, 93 Chudoji Awata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815, Japan




February 2008


10,000,000 JPY


Patent number: 5808711


MUFG Bank, Demachi branch


Delivery of digital musical scores (Operating musical score application Fairy and digital musical score Canon)
Inbound solution business


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