Almost ten years have passed since I started the Digital Musical Score project in 2011, aiming to create an application where musical scores are changed into digital form.

The first task we tackled in developing digital musical scores was how to release music players from their stress of turning over scores. After several trials and errors, we invented the method of detecting the sound at real-time by picking it up with microphone of the device to find where in the score the player is, and making the score follow the real sound. This method has reached to the point of product launch, but even after ten years of development, we still have to improve it further to put it into practical use.

In the process of evolutions of our applications and services, we have kept trying to catch the customers’ needs one by one. That resulted in the completion of present Canon Musical Score Viewer that features a number of innovative functions such as transposition, writing to scores, and playback.

The number of titles for the delivery service has also seen a significant growth from 5 classical titles at the beginning of the service launch. Our service has grown to deliver as many as 5,000 titles from a wide range of genres, from standard tunes to the latest pops, supported by Mr. Hibiki Hattori, a prominent arranger and transcription master.

Monthly membership has steadily increased, which we believe is thanks to everyone supporting us.

Last June, just after the first state of emergency was lifted, we received a mail from one of our customers, saying “I wanted to show your team my gratitude since I managed to get through this stay-home period thanks to Canon.”

The moment I read this mail, I could not stop crying over joy. It made me feel confident that all our hard works and efforts were paid off, and that customers’ joy was what we had been working so hard for.

It might take some more time to meet all our customers’ satisfaction, but we are determined to keep striving hard as much as we can to develop and run our services to maximize the joy of all the music lovers.

Lastly, thank you for your support always from the entire FunTap team.



Born in Kyoto


Started to work for NTT


Left NTT Resonant and established Funtap Co., Ltd.



FunTap Co., Ltd.




Kyoto Research Park 4th floor, Building #6, 93 Chudoji Awata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815, Japan




February 2008


10,000,000 JPY


Patent number: 5808711


MUFG Bank, Demachi branch


Delivery of digital musical scores (Operating musical score application Fairy and digital musical score Canon)
Inbound solution business


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5mins walk from JR Tambaguchi station

By Bus

5mins walk from Kyoto City Bus “Kyoto Research Park – mae” bus stop

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