We, Funtap considers that the protection of personal information and its proper management are our social responsibility. Therefore, we make a continuous effort to properly manage the personal information based on the privacy policy below.

1. Purpose of use

We collect personal information based on our concrete and detailed purposes of its use, and we do not collect further information than needed to achieve those purposes.

2. Limitation by purpose of use

We handle the collected personal information only to the extent necessary for our purpose of use. When we use it for other purposes, we surely ask for the customers approval beforehand. This is not applied however in the case when our action is based on laws and ordinances, and is necessary to protect human life and property.

3. Proper methods

We collect personal information in proper and fare methods.

4. Announcing the purpose of use

When we collect personal information, we announce and disclose the purpose of use beforehand. This is applied likewise when we handle the printed information. Any change and revision of the purpose of use is announced or disclosed to the customer.

5. Securing the accuracy of the information

We make a continuous effort to maintain the collected information as accurate and latest as possible within the necessary scope of the achievement of the purpose.

6. Security management

We take necessary security measures and improve them properly in order to secure the safety management of personal information to prevent its leakage, loss and destruction.

7. Supervision of the employees

We properly supervise employees dealing with personal information in order to secure the safety management of personal information.

8. Providing the personal information to outsiders

We do not provide or disclose the personal information we collected to outsiders.

9. Announcement on personal information

We clearly announce the information below regarding personal information.
– Purposes of use
– The necessary procedure to request for its disclosure, revision, and suspension of use. (In case of disclosure not by printed copy, other methods will be announced.)

10. Contact

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Funtap Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Research Park
4th floor, Building #6, 93 Chudoji Awata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815, Japan
Mail Address: info@funtap.co.jp

11. System arrangement

In Funtap, an employee who is responsible for the management of personal information takes every measure necessary to protect personal information. In addition, in-house inspection is carried out regularly to check if personal information is handled properly. We make utmost efforts to maintain and improve the protection of personal information.

12. Education to employees

We make sure that we educate our employees about the importance and proper handling of personal information in order to thoroughly take necessary measures.

13. Compliance

We Funtap lays down the necessary rules to protect personal information and follows those rules. At the same time, we continue to improve management system of personal information protection according to the change of social environment.

CEO Daisuke Araki (as of 19 June 2024)