What was the title that was played the most in 2023??

Which artists have been popular this year? Which titles from Anime and dramas have been popular? We are ready to announce here Digital Musical Score Canon “Titles and Artists of the Year 2023”!

FunTap Co.,Ltd. (Headquarter in Shimogyo, Kyoto / CEO Daisuke Araki) , the operator of digital musical score delivery service, has done the research on downloaded titles (research term January 1st, 2023 ~ December 18th, 2023) in order to identify the trend in selection of scores by users. The result for 2023 will be shown below.

【Ranking of the number of download】
The following ranking shows the 10 most downloaded titles in Digital Musical Score Canon in 2023

1st place:Hana / Fujii Kaze
2nd place:Kimino Nagai ga Sekai wo Kagayakasu / MISIA
3rd place:Sho / Ado
4th place:Idol /YOASOBI
5th place:I Wish / Naniwa Danshi
6th place:River Flows In You / YIRUMA
7th place:Flower Dance / DJ OKAWARI
8th place:Bansanka/ tuki.
9th place:Chikyugi/ Yonezu Kenshi
10th place:Yusha / YOASOBI

【Artist Ranking】
The following ranking shows 10 artists who have been particularly popular in 2023

1st place:YOASOBI
2nd place:Mrs. GREEN APPLE
3rd place:Hisaishi Jo
4th place:Ado
5th place:Official Higedan dism
6th place:Yonezu Kenshi
7th place:RADWIMPS
8th place:Fujii Kaze
9th place:HoneyWorks
10th place:back number

For more, please click here:https://www.canon-score.com/annual_ranking/2023