3D medical surgery support application “D spelunker” has been developed

Funtap Co., Ltd. (Shimogyo Kyoto, the president Daisuke Araki) has developed, in collaboration with Iguchi Clinic, the 3D medical surgery support application “D spelunker” and opened to the public on the Internet from 8th.

<Background Story>
ENT (an ear, nose and throat) doctors need to have a clear image of the inside structure of the patient’s nose from CT images during the operation.

Therefore, doctors, especially medical interns, are required to take intensive training to analyze the three-dimensional structure of nasal cavity and to handle endoscopes.

There ARE several kinds of medical softwares to create the three-dimensional nasal cavity images from flat CT images to support the doctors to have the image of nasal cavity structure, but most of them are not practical with high cost and low user-friendliness.

<D spelunker>
“D spelunker” developed in collaboration with Iguchi Clinic, is image viewer to transform CT images into three-dimensional images. It is open to the public on the Internet and can be handled only with browser. Users can explore inside the nasal cavity as if an explorer proceed deep into a cave. Also users can view the paranasal cavity from its above like a bird. Additionally, users can mark the crucial spot on arteries and nerves. By observing inside the nose more accurately and simulating the procedure, doctors can drastically decrease the risk in the operation.

<Future application>
We let this application open to the Internet for free so that it has an easy access from ENT doctors and medical interns around the globe. We plan to develop and widen this application to other medical fields such as dentistry.