Payment through “PayPay” starts for “Digital Musical Score CANON”

“Digital Musical Score CANON”, the musical score delivery service operated by FunTap Co., LTD. (Shimogyo-ward, Kyoto, CEO Daisuke Araki) starts to accept the payment through PayPay (Online) digital payment service which is provided by PayPay Co.,LTD (HQ: Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, CEO Ichiro Nakayama) from July 22nd 2020.

CANON provides two payment options to its users. One is a charging system to individual title which enables users to purchase their favorite title from one to many. The other is monthly payment plan which entitles users to purchase multiple scores from the selection of 4,000 titles by paying monthly fees. Both of the options now can accept PayPay payment.

Many users of CANON are familiar with smartphones and tablets, so adding PayPay, the service which has been supported by outstanding number of the registered users and has been famous for its enterprising promotion campaigns, to the payment option is expected to increase the number of CANON users even more. For PayPay, CANON will be their first service to release their payment service simultaneously to two different payment options, which are individual charging system and subscription.

Digital Musical Score CANON
The one-stop musical score delivery service on the Internet “Digital Musical Score CANON” provides scores in PDF format by downloading, and in “Digital Musical Score Viewer” format on browsers or applications of smartphones and tablets. About 4,000 titles have been delivered and sold online. The service provides good value payment plans and various kinds of useful functions, such as quick transposition, instant display of finger numbers, downloading them in PDF format, and playing full music of the title. These features have been favorably accepted by many music players.

Name: “Digital Musical Score CANON”
System requirements : Safari (The latest version), Google Chrome (The latest version), Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (The latest version)
Service fees: Basic Plan (840yen (plus tax) per month *Entitled to choose to get 6 titles from 4,000 titles every month) / Light Plan (480yen (plus tax) per month *Entitled to choose to get 3 titles from 4,000 titles every month) / Charging to Individual title (240yen plus tax ~)
Launch of the service : December 9th 2016

Digital Musical Score CANON:
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