<Digital Musical Score Canon> Application for iPhone “Canon Musical Score Viewer” is released.
The application that will make playing the piano much more fun! A number of functions are instantly available on the smartphone screen, including transposition, music play, writing notes, and background customization. With auto-scroll function activated, players do not need to turn over the scores.

FunTap Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Shimogyo-ward, Kyoto. CEO: Daisuke Araki), one of the largest service providers in Japan delivering musical scores online, has released today iPhone application “Canon Musical Score Viewer”.

FunTap has already released “Canon Musical Score Viewer” application for iPad, and this time, application for iPhone has just been added, responding to requests from a number of users.

Not only existing functions such as quick transposition, music play with scores, writing notes, and background customization, but some new functions are added including display (ON / OFF) of finger numbers and pitch names, and downloading PDF scores where information displayed on the screen is customized. We are determined to continue our research to establish the international de facto standards of applications of digital musical score viewer.

Digital Musical Score Canon

Digital Musical Score CANON
The one-stop musical score delivery service on the Internet “Digital Musical Score Canon” provides scores in PDF format by downloading, and in “Digital Musical Score Viewer” format on browsers or applications of smartphones and tablets. About 5,000 titles have been delivered and sold online to players and performers.

Name: “Musical Score Canon” https://www.canon-score.com/
System requirements: Safari (The latest version), Google Chrome (The latest version), Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (The latest version)
Service fees: Basic Plan (Entitled to choose to get 6 titles from all titles every month with monthly fee of 924yen) / Light Plan (Entitled to choose to get 3 titles from all titles every month with monthly fee of 528yen) / Charging to Individual title (240yen and more)