iPad application “Canon musical score viewer” starts
“Turning pages” is not necessary any more with this auto-scroll function.
Instant transposition and change of the instruments are now possible on the screen.

Funtap Co., Ltd. (Shimogyo-ward, Kyoto, CEO Daisuke Araki) starts to provide the application “Canon musical score viewer” from 4 March 2020.
The company has been operating “Digital musical score Canon”, the online delivery service of musical scores, which is used by more than 400 thousand music players in Japan.

Users can download a favorite piece of musical score one by one, and can transpose and change of instruments instantly on the screen.
Additional function which would not be found on the paper scores is that the scores scroll automatically according to the part the users are playing.
Also this service is very friendly to users of a wide range of generations and users with a wide range of usages. For example, when users want to print the scores out, it is possible to customize the number of paragraphs to be displayed and the length of gap between each note.

Since its launch in December 2016, the online service “Digital musical score canon” has been delivering and selling about 4,000 titles. Not only the PDF format scores for piano players which can be downloaded, but also “Musical score viewer” which can be operated on the browser of smartphones and tablet devices are available. This service has been well received by many music lovers who like its convenience and user friendliness, especially the feature that the users can purchase a favorite piece of score one by one.
The special features of the newly launched application “Canon musical score viewer” include that the users can change the instruments and customize the details of the score such as the number of paragraphs or measures to be displayed per page.
The existing features of the browser-version of score viewer are also available in this new application, such as transposition and music play function.
This application can be downloaded for free. This is the cloud service where users can use the scores purchased through “Digital musical score Canon” website by synchronizing them to the application.

We, Funtap will keep working, through the launch of this service, to make digital musical scores to be enjoyed more users than ever, and will keep suggesting the music styles that players can comfortably enjoy the music.
※Please refer to the following website for more information on “Digital musical score Canon”

<Main features>

1. Users can “Transpose” and “Change the instruments” instantly on the screen. “Auto scroll” function also is available which enables page to scroll automatically according to the tempo and playing speed.

2. Users can print the scores out with detailed customization such as the paper size, the number of paragraphs to be shown per page and the length of gap between each note.

3. Users can download the score when it is needed. Being cloud-based, the application can be used also off-line.